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    7 Great Reasons Lease Direct Saves
    You Time & Money. Guaranteed!

7 Great Reasons Lease Direct Saves You Time & Money.  Guaranteed!


One easy monthly payment - great for forecasting your expenses


Lease a second time lease vehicle and save on fringe tax benefit


Includes warranty, registration, tyres, warrant of fitness, servicing, AA breakdown service and can include your insurance (no unexpected breakdown expenses). Accountants will love you!


 You can even make an offer to buy the vehicle at the end of the lease


Stop wasting time and energy trying to dispose of your vehicles


We will save you time and money - guaranteed! 


Preserves your capital (use your capital wisely)



Welcome to Lease Direct! With over 40 Years experience in the Motor Trade, "I will personally guarantee to save you time & money with your motor vehicle expenses"
- Peter Midgley (Managing Director)


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