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Second Time Lease:

 We at Lease Direct are experts with Second Time car leases. We promise to save you money with a Second Time Lease! Second Time Leases are very cost effective, as the car is normally 2 to 4 years old and has already finished its first lease. Second Time Lease cars can even look like a new car! 

  • Lower monthly rental
  • Lower fringe benefit tax
  • If you like to save money, a second time lease vehicle is for you!

Many Business advisers recommend "Why lease new vehicles when you could lease a Second Time lease vehicle that costs you less per month and looks the same, plus you save on Fringe benefit Tax"

What is covered under maintenance?

  • All manufacturers scheduled services.
  • All non-scheduled maintenance as a result of normal wear and tear, such as brakes, battery replacement, drive train, automatic transmission, electrical faults, exhaust, muffler and wheel alignments etc. plus mechanical breakdown.
  • A nominated number of replacement tyres
  • All repairs and maintenance is covered by Lease Direct except for repairs or maintenance required as a result of accident damage or proven driver abuse.

What does the monthly rental for a lease vehicle cover?

  • On-road cost of the motor vehicle;
  • Service and maintenance;
  • Replacement tyres (nominated number);
  • Registration and WOF renewals, 
  • Roadside Assistance (Breakdowns, key lockouts, flat battery etc.), 
  • Vehicle disposal.

What are the benefits of a lease for a small business like mine - why change?

  • Lease Directs' purchasing power in regard to vehicle purchases, as well as service and maintenance saves time and money. 
  • Free up valuable working capital for more profitable use in your business - make money. 
  • No exposure to the uncertain used vehicle market or unscheduled repairs and maintenance - save money. 
  • Substantial workload reduction in your administration and accounting costs.
  • Re-deploy resources to where they can be totally focused on your business.
  • One payment covers all vehicle expenses (except fuel, insurance, fines, and Road User Charges).


I want to trade in my current vehicle - can Lease Direct help?

  • No problem, Lease Direct will simply have your vehicle valued and advise you of the details of the best offer.  If further negotiations are required, Lease Direct will continue to act in your best interests in the matter.  

How do I know I am receiving a good purchase price?

  • Lease Direct purchases large numbers of new and used cars each year, and enjoys substantial discounts through its many trade connections.  By leasing with them you will benefit from Lease Direct's purchasing power.   

Can the vehicle be purchased from a local dealer that I have dealt with before?

  • To get the best possible deal it may be necessary to purchase the vehicle from another dealer who offers the most competitive price for the vehicle.    

Could I place a second hand vehicle under a Lease Direct lease?

  • Lease Direct can purchase the vehicle(s) from you for an agreed value and lease the vehicle back to your business under a Lease Direct lease provided the vehicle is of a good standard and capable of meeting your needs for the duration of the lease.    

What lease and kilometre terms are available?

  • Our standard lease terms range from 6 months up to a maximum of 45 months on passenger vehicles, and 12 months to 60 months on light commercial vehicles. Whilst our standard maximum vehicle usage within the above lease terms is 150,000 kilometres, Lease Direct would consider approval of vehicle usage above the standard maximum in special circumstances.     

What is the interest rate?

  • The interest rate is only one factor of a Lease Direct lease. The quoted monthly rental covers the long term hire of a motor vehicle, which includes many additional features such as maintenance, registration renewal etc.

I want to terminate a lease early - what options do I have and what are there any penalties?

  • Lease Direct is aware that from time to time, you may be faced with having vehicles in your fleet that become surplus to your requirements, and we do cater to those situations. The adjustment required is determined by the proportion of outstanding rentals and the vehicle being returned to Lease Direct in acceptable condition.  


Can the driver/family/friends purchase the vehicle upon lease completion?

Yes, all drivers, as well as their family and friends, have an opportunity to purchase the vehicle at lease end at very competitive pricing. Simply call Lease Direct for assistance.  

What is fair wear and tear?

  • Since Lease Direct is the owner of the vehicle, it must be returned upon the completion of the lease term in an acceptable condition.  This means that the vehicle must be in good condition inside and out, and in sound mechanical order throughout with regard to distance travelled and age of the vehicle.  Accepting that some wear and tear will occur, a copy of the Lease Direct Fair Wear & Tear guide can be requested from Lease Direct.  A guide is that normal stone chips and small dents under 30 mm diameter are accepted as are scratches less than 100 mm.

At the end of the lease term, can I retain the vehicle by extending the lease contract?

  • Possibly, depending on the original lease term you have selected.  Lease Direct is pleased to offer a Lease extension facility.  When the vehicle is nearing its lease end, simply call Lease Direct with your request, and they will provide a quote based on the term of the extension available and the additional vehicle usage.

What excess kilometre charges apply?

  • Lease Direct's excess kilometre charges are based on a fixed rate per kilometre and the calculation depends upon the actual lease agreement and type of vehicle.  The actual excess kilometre fixed rate for each vehicle is stipulated on the True Operating Lease. 

What happens if there is a variance between contracted usage and actual usage?

Lease Direct can offer four solutions to this situation: 

  1. You may have other vehicles that are doing low usage and so swapping high usage vehicles with low usage vehicles can correct the situation.
  2. The vehicle to be returned to Lease Direct once the contracted kilometres have been completed and pay the rental adjustment applicable due to the higher than contracted usage over the shorter term.  This is what the lease would have cost had the shorter term and higher usage been used to calculate the lease in the first place.
  3. If the excess kilometres are under 10,000 kilometres, then the vehicle can be run to the end of the term of the lease, and the excess kilometres can be invoiced to you at the end of the lease. 
  4. If the excess kilometres are going to be over 10,000 kilometres. There is a possibility for a lease modification to be agreed between the parties and an extra monthly charge be paid by the lessee to cover the additional kilometres of usage by the lessee. 


Are there any setup fees?

  • There are no set up or establishment fees.  All costs except fuel, insurance and any applicable Road User Charges are included in the monthly rental.

Are there hidden costs?

  • There are no hidden costs.  Provided the vehicle is returned to Lease Direct at the end of the nominated lease term within the contracted mileage and in good condition (within the guidelines of the Fair Wear & tear Guide). 


Parking/Camera detected fines?

  • If any fines are incurred by the vehicle and received by Lease Direct, they will be forwarded on to the Client.  It remains the responsibility of the client to ensure any outstanding motor vehicle infringements are paid promptly.