Finance Lease

Lease Direct's Finance Lease is a tax-efficient way to finance vehicles. In effect you finance and pay for the depreciation of the vehicle during the lease period. At the end of the lease term you just buy the vehicle, for its residual value.

Quick Overview

 A Finance Lease Agreement is ideal if you want to: 
  • Use an asset without the immediate risk of ownership  
  • Upgrade your vehicle with the latest or best models suited for your business  
  • Have the choice of purchasing the vehicle at the end of the term or returning the vehicle  
  • You get the vehicle you need without having to make a lump sum payment 



  • Cash Reserves can be preserved for other uses  
  • Cash flow budgeting is made easy as a result of fixed monthly payments  
  • No set up costs or other hidden costs - you just pay the regular lease installments  
  • The only security required is over the vehicle itself 



  • 100% finance may be available  
  • GST is recovered throughout the lease period  
  • Interest rate is fixed for the term of the lease  
  • Residual Value can be set to coincide with depreciation values  
  • Terms from 12 to 60 months


Risks with Lease to Own

  • Maintenance is not covered 
  • Residual Value (last payment) could be more than what the vehicle is worth


*Lease Direct Ltd recommends you seek your own independent legal and taxation advice before completing documentation   

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