Second Time Lease

When you need to use the vehicle while preserving your capital, incurring no residual value risk, avoid costs of depreciation and costs of disposal.

Quick Overview

  • Only security is the asset 
  • 100% finance may be available 
  • Lease payments are 100% tax deducible
  • You are NOT responsible for the residual value 



  • No set up costs or other hidden costs - you just pay the regular rental
  • You can replace vehicles regularly without having to worry about disposing of the existing vehicles
  • You are protected from inflation and resale risk
  • Maintenance and annual registration is included in the lease payment
  • The cost of the asset is spread over easy monthly rentals
  • No need to administer accounting, asset depreciation or interest
  • Renting through Operating leases improves working capital, return on assets and gearing ratios



  • Pre-determined operating cost enables smooth cash-flow and accurate budgeting
  • Rental payments are fully tax deductible
  • You know exactly what your regular payments will be for the length of the term
  • Terms from 12 to 45 months for cars and 60 months for light commercials
  • Payment frequencies may be monthly, quarterly or seasonal
  • Rental payments are fully tax deductible


Indicative Taxation Treatment*

  • Lease payments are 100% tax deducible 
  • GST is claimed each payment 
  • Off Balance Sheet (Statement of Financial Position)


*Lease Direct Ltd recommends you seek your own independent legal and taxation advice before completing documentation   

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